A special place... The Isles of Scilly are one of only two places in England where Manx Shearwaters breed

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Under threat...The Isles of Scilly hold 3,000 fewer pairs of breeding seabirds than 25 years ago

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We need YOUR help to protect our important seabird heritage

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Volunteer Stories

There are plenty more 'volunteer stories' from 2014 under the tab for seabirds/seabird stories...

 Tristan Fletcher Community Heritage Volunteer

“I volunteer for a few hours a week doing what I can for the project. I am an Engineer and run a boat on the islands and like to assist the community where I can. Recently I have helped move equipment between the islands, and have assisted the ecological monitoring team with Scilly shrew surveys for the ecological monitoring. Some of these tasks I can offer my skills to and for others I am using new skills, I never knew how to survey shrews before. There are many ways volunteers can help the project, and offering just 30 minutes of your time can make a difference.” 

Morgan Vaughan Volunteer Live Interpreter, ‘Date with Nature’ event September 2013

“I'd like to start by saying how grateful I am for having been invited to join the team for the Isles of Scilly trip. I was very humbled to have been asked along for the trip and it lived up to my expectations and far exceeded them. As a volunteer, I found the experience gained on the week invaluable. Being around experienced staff members and learning from them was great. Being around other people who care about nature and wildlife so much was truly inspiring. I really enjoyed everyone's company.  

The project itself was also fantastic experience for me. Assisting in leading the guided wildlife walks and having the opportunity to get across my passion for nature to members of the public was something I really valued. The chance to share my knowledge about wildlife and the natural world was both fun and enjoyable and provided the forum for me to learn from others about their wildlife experiences and stories. The direct manner in which we were able to inform and educate people in regards to the Seabird Recovery Project was really ideal. The interesting element of the week for me was the ability to relay the aims of the project and then gauge the reactions, concerns and support from the public which could be immediately drawn upon and discussed. I would definitely snap up the chance to return and help out on the project!" 

Sergeant Colin Taylor Seabird Ambassador Media volunteer

“I am a media volunteer for the project (I assist with social media and local radio) and also assisted seabird surveys this year. My best day out this year was on a calm evening in a boat off Annet watching the shearwaters at sunset rafting amongst the other seabirds and sea mammals. If I can do my little bit to improve the lot of these wonderful creatures by volunteering in the stunning location of St Agnes then it is a no brainer’. Count me in. The exercise will do me good too. I encourage everyone to do the same so we can all look back and say that we did our bit to leave the islands better than how we found them."

Mike Gurr Community Heritage Volunteer

"I have been a volunteer for the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust in different capacities for many years and have been involved in several discussions concerning the predation of seabirds by rats, which have led to the present project. I helped in the community beach clean in September 2013 because it was the most practical and effective way that I could contribute to the success of the project. The community spirit of the volunteers was inspiring and such experiences make everyone feel part of the project and want to invest more time and effort towards it in the future."



  Helen Brandes RSPB sabbatical volunteer 

I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to take some time to volunteer with the Project.  My normal job is in the Finance department at RSPB and this role took me out from behind a desk and put me in the frontline.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the challenges of living and working on an island, of delivering conservation in harmony with a local community, and about the life of a conservation volunteer.  It was an amazing experience – thank you!



Community Heritage Volunteer Tristan Fletcher with the ecological monitoring team



Live interpreters volunteering for ‘Date with Nature’@ Nick Tomalin 



Sergeant Taylor volunteers as a ‘seabird ambassador media volunteer’


Community Heritage Volunteer Mike Gurr


RSPB sabbatical volunteer Helen Brandes 

Principal Funders

  • Eruopa
  • Natura 2000
  • Heritage Lottery Fund

Project Partners and Supporters

  • RSPB
In addition to generous support from LIFE, the EU’s progamme for financing key environmental schemes across the continent and the UK’s own Heritage Lottery Fund, the Seabird Recovery Project is also being supported by the Isles of Scilly’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund and the Isles of Scilly Bird Group.

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